1. A Blog? Blogs are so 2010. Does that count as a question? Yes, a blog.  Here’s why, in (almost) 2019, it’s a good idea in my little tiny ogre brain: because blogs let you say more stuff than an Instagram post or a tweet. I even think they’re better than YouTube or Twitch videos in some ways (you don’t have to pause a blog if you missed something), although I might do some videos in the future–I need to learn some stuff first. So, sit down and enjoy some content. Get a snack. Make it an event. Be old school.
  2. Why don’t you allow comments on this site?   Comments are turned off because ogres and trolls are natural enemies and Internet trolls like to use the comments section to infiltrate the ogre lair.  Seriously, I don’t have the time or energy to moderate comments on this site and I don’t want to fight spam bots and other such nefarious things in order to keep this blog clean.  If someone wants to comment or to reach out to me, please use the Ogre Mail link or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram (preferably Instagram; not much of a Twitterer).
  3. What tools do you use?  Please see the Toolbox page for a comprehensive list.
  4. Are you open for commissions? Thanks so much for asking. I’m flattered, really. However, I’m not taking commissions right now. When I am open for commissions, I’ll make sure word gets out on this site and through my social media feeds.
  5. Why are there affiliate links on this site? I have affiliate links on this site because its a opportunity for a little (very little) revenue. I used to also host Google Adsense ads on this blog, but I removed them because I felt they ruined the experience of the page and also because I didn’t like contributing to the constant advertising bombardment we experience.