More Art. Less of Everything Else.

My effort on this blog flatlined a few months ago. Well, let’s be honest: it’s been dead for all of 2020 so far. Part of the reason for the lack of posts is I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with the content. At the core, I intended for this blog to be about drawing. I got a little sidetracked with some book reviews and other content and it started to feel like an unfocused hustle. So, I just stopped creating content and let everything marinate.

After the removal of the Google Adsense content, in March, I felt relief. There was no pressure to produce new content to drive traffic which would subsequently drive clicks and hits and raise the advertising fees and the revenue potential and it turned out to be liberating. I haven’t even checked my analytics in months. There is no pressure for me to create any content other than what I enjoy and want to share–more art.

There are still some links that will take you to Amazon and if you buy something I get a little revenue, but those links are not a driver for content and they get so few clicks that chasing them is not worth the time and effort.

My plan as of right now (July 2, 2020) is to create more art and to share it on this blog. If I manage to find a sustainable rhythm to be able to create artwork, I will post some larger, high-resolution content on my Patreon page (which is also completely flatlined right now), and I may record some video content that will probably just be me drawing. Maybe someone will want to zone out and watch me draw.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more. Hopefully the next post won’t be in three months!