My First Warmachine & Hordes Game In Years

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I played my first table top war-game in years yesterday. I used to be a decent Trollbloods player in Warmachine and Hordes (2nd Edition), but dropped gaming about five years ago. Since I stopped playing the folks at Privateer Press released a third edition of the game and made some decent improvements.

Luckily, I found a local player with damn near every miniature in the game, and he kindly let me use his models for a quick refresher game. I chose my old favorite army, built a quick 75 point list (without any real tactical consideration), and went to war.

Of course, Josh’s Cygnar force made short work of my force, but I did do some damage. The game lasted about three hours, which is long for a Warmachine/Hordes game, but I was rusty and Josh explained new rules and old ones that I’d forgotten, so it took extra time.

I had a blast (getting blasted to smithereens) and will play again soon. I’ve already started scheming a few themed force lists for the blue-skinned brawlers. Of course, I’m way more interested in the ‘fluff’ and imagery than actual tournament-style supremacy. So, I’ll build my army (armies?) around looks and style.

Trollblood Warlock: Gunnbjorn (Privateer Press Product Photo)
Dozer and Smigg. Trollblood Character Warbeast. Privateer Press Product Photo.

That said, I think I’ll start with Gunnbjorn and Dozer and Smigg, because face it, they look awesome. The starter box for Trollbloods is a decent deal and the warcaster model is pretty cool, so that’s on the shopping list too. If I go completely nuts, I might buy the Northkin army. Here goes that slippery slope.