“I got it all up here!”

Gymnasts…Big guy isn’t letting his belly stop him.

I did this sketch for fun.  I was drawing a lot of sword and sorcery stuff centered on violence, weapons and monsters and needed a change. So, I doodled these guys up to kickstart my creative flow.  Sometimes it’s important to change it up.  I imagined that the big guy is telling the girl “Don’t worry, I got all the moves right here,” as he points to his head. She’s probably worried he forgot their routine.

I doodled this up with Col-Erase Blue Pencil and then inked it with Micron Pigma pens before scanning it and coloring it in Photoshop CS6.  I used an older version of the Wacom Intuos Tablet (medium size) at the time.

This is the original doodle that I worked from.
Just after the scan and before I started coloring.